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Fieldtrip empowers content experts, so that they can produce new online e-case studies, with limited support from computer and media production specialists.

It is based on the recent Web developments in terms of new technologies as well as the ways in which people are using them. This evolution that has come to be known as Web 2.0.

One of the main ideas behind this concept is that of moving away from an Internet in which the majority of users are only consumers of information (read only web), towards a new model in which the majority of users are both consumers and producers of information (read/write web).

Fieldtrip will be utilized to create a library of case studies. Each case study includes a group of events that happened at a specific time, associated with a variety of information resources.

Within the case study, each event has a defined place (on Google maps) and a time (on a timeline) on which it occurred. The story for each event can be told through a combination of text and media elements (photo, animation, audio or video from YouTube or some similar service). In this way, it is possible to construct the geographic and historical context for the case study.

In addition, information resources can also be included to illustrate, expand, put in context or give scientific grounding to the story narrated in each event. The resources can be media, texts and hyperlinks.

Designed for students, researchers and educators in the tertiary education (graduate and post-graduate) and for professionals and practitioners. The users of Fieldtrip have three potential roles – students/ readers, teachers and authors. New potential Fieldtrip producers.

Design and Technology
Ruby on Rails, Ajax, YouTube, Google Earth, Flash

Copyright United Nations University, GNU General Public License

Project Title
Library of e-Case Studies and Documentaries

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アユキラ川を救え http://onlinelearning.unu.edu/ja/ayuquila/ http://onlinelearning.unu.edu/ja/ayuquila/#comments Tue, 22 May 2007 22:38:39 +0000 butuzov http://onlinelearning.unu.edu/ja/ayuquila/ 環境正義への挑戦















































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The Wisdom Years http://onlinelearning.unu.edu/ja/wisdom/ http://onlinelearning.unu.edu/ja/wisdom/#comments Mon, 21 May 2007 10:44:18 +0000 butuzov http://onlinelearning.unu.edu/ja/banglore/ Ageing and our need for care begins from the moment we are born.

In Japan, one of the richest, technological and urbanized societies of the world, 20% of the population is now over 65 and living in cities.

The Wisdom Years documentary offers glimpses into the urban lives of 70, 80 and 90 year olds of different socio-economic backgrounds. Through science and everyday case studies, we discover why ageing is relative to a person’s physical, mental and social capacities and how by harnessing these secrets all of us can achieve a long and healthy life into the 21st Century.

This advocacy documentary/e-case study is aimed at policymakers, health sector workers and public in general.

Design and Technology
Filmed in high definition

1 X 26 minute documentary
6 short interstitial series
Website – www.wisdom.unu.edu

Copyright License
Copyright United Nations University and the World Health Organization. Some Rights Reserved.

Project Title
A series of documentaries under the UNU Project on Library of e-Case Studies and Documentaries and the WHO Kobe Centre Health Urbanization Project.

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