Ageing and our need for care begins from the moment we are born.

In Japan, one of the richest, technological and urbanized societies of the world, 20% of the population is now over 65 and living in cities.

The Wisdom Years documentary offers glimpses into the urban lives of 70, 80 and 90 year olds of different socio-economic backgrounds. Through science and everyday case studies, we discover why ageing is relative to a person’s physical, mental and social capacities and how by harnessing these secrets all of us can achieve a long and healthy life into the 21st Century.

This advocacy documentary/e-case study is aimed at policymakers, health sector workers and public in general.

Design and Technology
Filmed in high definition

1 X 26 minute documentary
6 short interstitial series
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A series of documentaries under the UNU Project on Library of e-Case Studies and Documentaries and the WHO Kobe Centre Health Urbanization Project.

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